Here is a selection of my previous projects. I am happy to give you more information on individual projects in a private meeting.

Since 07-2023
IT-Engineering in an international environment

Key information: 1900 employees, turnover of CHF 270 Mio.
Role: Head of Group Controlling

Project goals:

  • Build and lead the Group Controlling Department
  • Lead the two Corporate Senior Controller and coordinate all Controlling activities on Group level
  • Ensure monthly Reporting and Controlling activities
  • Lead the Budget 2024 process on Group level
  • Introduce a Rolling Forecast Model on SAP Analytics Cloud for 2024
  • Plan and proceed with the ERP/SAP systems upgrade for FI/CO
  • Further develop SAP Power BI as an information tool on Group level
  • Finalize introduction and set up of SAP Analytics Cloud as a planning tool on Group level
    (re-)define KPIs and reporting tools for 2024 on Group level
  • Coordinate Accounting and Controlling activties and timetable on Group level with Head of Group Accounting
  • Support Head of Group Accounting in planning and proceeding with Year-end closing 2023
  • Support Group CFO with the permanent hiring of new Head of Group Controlling and Senior Controllers
02-2023 – 06-2023
Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
Food Industry

Key information: 800 employees, turnover of 180 Mio. CHF
Role: CFO

Project goals:

  • Lead the teams Accounting and Controlling
  • Coordinate HR and IT
  • Coaching activities for Team Head Accounting
  • Work out and present strategy plan 2024 – 2030 to Group Management, present options and define priorities
  • Perform presentation beginning April 2023
  • Further develop the options choosen by Group Management
09-2022 to 01-2023
Information Technology (IT) Service Provider

Key information: 400 employees, turnover of 90 Mio. CHF
Role: Senior Controller

Project goals:

  • Management and Coordination of all Controlling-related activities together with 2 Controllers
  • Establish and implement various processes, such as month-end and year-end procedure, Budgeting-process
  • Make out and presenting Budget 2023 to Management Team and Group Management
  • Manage the complete Year-end procedures for YEC 2022, prepare Audit (by PWC)
  • Establish procedure for month-end closings and Reporting starting with February 2023.
  • Align various processes with Group Management
  • Extend ABACUS capabilities with Project Management
  • Introduce “purchase to pay” process within ABACUS ERP
  • Prepare and clean Excel Database for Asset Management to upload in ABACUS ERP
03-2022 to 09-2022
Public Transportation

Key information: 350 employees, turnover of CHF 70 Mio.
Role: Business Unit Controller

Project goals:

  • Monthly Closing, Reporting and Business Review Meetings
  • Mid-Term Planning 2023 - 2027
  • Budget 2023: Preparation and Coordination
  • Forecast 2022: Preparation and Presentation
  • Financial Steering and Management of Project Portfolio
  • Financial Support to Business Unit Heads
  • Make Out and Presentation of Project Proposals to Group Management
  • Coordination between BU in TI and Group Management in BE
  • Build bridges between the Ticino/Italian and the Swiss German Culture within the Group
  • Prepare introduction oft the new Business Unit Controller
09-2021 to 01-2022
subsidiaries in Zurich & Geneva
Law Firm

Key information:  180 employees, turnover of 50 Mio. CHF
Role: Head of Finance

Project goals:

  • Integrate the finance/accounting teams in Zurich and Geneva
  • Streamline and unify the relevant processes in Finance
  • Digitalize the Vendor Information Process/Flow by means of a SW tool
  • Automize cash collection with ERP tool
  • Plan and process month-end closes 2022 and year-end close 2021
  • Clean up interface between ERP-system and accounting SW
  • Lead/keep the General Ledger and supervise the auxiliary ledgers
  • Account for the monthly salaries and insurances
  • Lead the Finance team in Zurich and Geneva
  • Restructure the tasks and responsibilities of the finance teams in Zurich and Geneva
04-2021 to 09-2021
Sensor solutions for access systems

Sensor solutions for access systems, 150 employees, turnover of 30 million CHF
Role: CFO, Controller

Project goals:

  • Monthly Closing and Reporting to Board Members
  • Prepare and proceed with Forecast II in August
  • Review and update all product calculations
  • Periodical Business Review with subsidiaries
  • Special projects for CEO
  • Put in place of a project controlling for the R&D sector
  • Draft the Transfer Pricing concept/project
  • Bring the French affiliate on SAP-One FI/CO
02-2019 to 06-2021
Group of suppliers and Luxury brand; Swiss watch industry

Key information:  450 employees, turnover of 110 Mio. CHF
Role: Group CFO

Project goals:

  • Introduce and implement Corporate Governance procedures on a group level
  • Introduce and implement a monthly MIS Reporting increasing transparence
  • Reduce due dates of monthly reporting package to best practice
    Year-end close and audit for 2019 and 2019
  • Balance Sheet restructuring/Impairment as per end of 2019
  • Financial Planning 2019 – 2023
  • Review and improve system of Industrial/Management Accounting, processes, procedures, increase transparency, action plan and implementation.
  • Negotiate a new partnership and supply contract with one of the most important customers
  • Business case to commercialise a new technology in the area of the clockwork
  • Immediate actions to guarantee cash needs during Covid-19 crisis
03-2018 to 09-2018
Cable connection systems and accessories

Key information: 220 employees, turnover of 85 million CHF
Role: CFO/Controller

Project goals:

  • Legal financial statement for 2017 and audit
  • Audit of two sites
  • Team management and stabilization
  • Team expansion in accounting and controlling
  • Start project SAP HANA
  • Creation/implementation of project ‘Transfer pricing’
  • Integration of French branches
  • Due diligences for acquisition of Italy
10-2017 to 02-2018
Medium sized industrial group

Key information: 1200 employees, turnover of 225 million CHF
Role: Group controller

Project goals:

  • Forecast III/2017
  • Budgeting for 2018 and mid-term planning
  • Financial statement/ consolidation
  • Audit of the corporation
  • Evaluation/introduction of new consolidation SW
  • Project ‘Transfer pricing’ for a business unit
02-2017 to 09-2017
Project business for system controls

Key information: 140 employees, turnover of 25 million CHF
Role: CFO

Project goals:

  • To improve the quality of the monthly financial statement
  • Financial transparency in the project business
  • Analysis of all financial processes
  • Design and introduction of MIS on the basis of KPIs.
  • Replacement of IT system for finance
  • Financial process improvements for factory in Czech Republic
06-2016 to 02-2017
Manufacturing firm, ancillary construction sector

Key information: 70 employees, turnover of 25 million CHF
Role: CFO

Project goals:

  • Complete analysis and revision of processes
  • Establishment of transparency in project reporting
  • Company restructuring
  • Securing liquidity
  • Negotiations with creditors and banks
  • Reduction of staff and overheads
  • Divestments
  • Raising fresh shareholder capital
10-2015 to 04-2016
B2B manufacturer of high quality cosmetics

Key information: 150 employees, turnover of 25 million CHF
Role: CFO

Project goals:

  • Focus on development of controlling and treasury
  • Takeover of two accounts departments
  • Financial statement and audit (March/April 2016)
  • Reworking calculations and price adjustments
  • Forecasts and budget for 2016
  • Developing management information system- KPI
  • Optimising property and personal insurance
  • Recruiting an employee for the financial department
  • Projects for the CEO (cost saving)
  • Training the new finance manager
11-2014 to 05-2015
Curitiba/PR, Brasil
Machinery industry

Key information: 90 employees, turnover of 15 million
Role: CFO

Project goals:

  • To clarify and deal with cases of corruption
  • Establishing risks, completing integration
  • Financial statement and audit
  • Business plan with catalogue of measures
  • Developing risk management
  • Developing management reporting – MIS – KPI – RM
  • Successful presentation April 2015 and start of implementation
  • Recruitment and induction of local successor
12-2012 to 08-2014
 Mendrisiotto region
Transport, logistics, haulage

Key information: 30 employees, turnover of 6 million CHF
Role: Business administration Manager- CFO

Project goals:

  • Gentle turnaround (the company is financially healthy)
  • Revitalising staff, modernising IT
  • Increasing returns on investment
  • Divestment where assets are not necessary
  • Invest the freed-up funds in new SEP
01-2012 to 11-2012
Luganese region
Machinery for the packaging industry

Key information: 25 employees, turnover of 8 million CHF
Role: Manager/ CEO

Project goals:

  • Complete turnaround across all units
  • Introduction of quality management and monitoring
  • Development of customer service
  • Strengthening and focussing on sales (eg. KA)
  • Development and introduction of risk management
  • Development of robust financial planning
  • Negotiations and eventual  sale of the company
before 2012
Professional Experience

Swatch Group:
6 years as Controller / Legal Unit CFO / DMA Controller

Dade Behring:
2 years as Legal Unit CFO

2 years as European Regional CFO

Swisscom Systems:
2 years as Legal Unit CFO

Dictaphone Europe:
3 years as CFO Continental Europe

3 years as Legal Unit CFO and Operations Director